Boho Style Shawl

This is something that I began making a while ago to use up some of my wool stash. I underestimated the amount I would need, had to buy more so I've probably got a bigger wool stash than when I started.

I used a free pattern for the shawl which can be found here. Mine is slighter larger than the pattern and is made up with 42 full motifs and 10 half motifs. 

These days I need to take more breaks due to my hands but otherwise it is a fast project to make.

Milky Way Cheesecake

Today I finished off making this Milky Way Cheesecake. (My chocolate drizzling leaves a lot to be desired as you can see)

I found the recipe while I was just idly looking through Pinterest. When I popped on over to the original site I was spoilt for choice on what to make first. There are lots of recipes which require using well known branded chocolate bars and not just cheesecakes ... there are cakes, ice cream, fudge, cupcakes, etc. As the cheesecake I was making calls for quite a few chocolate bars I purchased mine from a local pound shop. 
This recipe and many more can be found at Jane's Patisserie.

A Trip To Liverpool

Sunday was mine and Anders' 12th wedding anniversary and we chose to celebrate by having a day out. We decided on Liverpool through a recommendation by Little L. When she was learning about the Titanic last year in school she went on a school trip to the Maritime Museum and has been asking us to go ever since so off we went.

We arrived about 11am and the docks were already quite busy. We wandered along the docks as far as the Royal Liver building. 

The two birds named Bella and Bertie on the top of the building face opposite directions and one legend is that one faces inland to look after the people of Liverpool and the other keeps an eye on the port. Another legend is that if they were to face each other, they would mate, fly away and Liverpool would cease to exist. 

I don't know how often anyone would need to climb this ladder but they must be extremely brave.

On the walk back I snapped a couple of pics of some Superlambanana sculptures. (Caleb told me off when I got home because I didn't buy him a key ring with one on. I'd forgotten how much he likes these sculptures)

Spied some small jellyfish and a couple of crabs that ended up having what looked like a fight. I found out later that the docks are home to hundreds of conga eel.

We went to the Maritime Museum but we didn't walk around all of the exhibitions because it was just so hot in there.

From there we walked around the shops at the Albert Docks. Little L told us to keep our eyes open for a sweet shop because it had an amazing picture in the window of The Beatles made from thousands of jellybeans.

Another place we went to was The Piermaster's House. There were four houses built for the piermaster and this is the only one left standing after bombing during the Second World War. The house is now a museum depicting a working class family life during that time.

I'm glad we discovered this place as I think it was my favourite thing of the day. I could quite happily have moved in though I don't know how I could cope with a cooker that small. When I asked Little L what her favourite thing was she replied 'Watching the crabs have a fight. It's not something you see everyday'

Manchester Museum

Well we had typical Bank Holiday weather here for the weekend, rain. After being stuck in doors for most of it we wanted at least one day out and opted for a day at Manchester Museum. So back to Manchester, twice in less than a week. As long as the traffic isn't bad it only takes about 30 minutes to drive there.

The admission is free and we managed to find a car park near by which cost £2 for the full day (much better price than last time). The museum was quite busy and I expect most people like us wanted to find an indoor activity due to the weather.

Dinosaurs were what Little L was most looking forward to seeing.

The T Rex is named Stan.

She was also impressed by the mummies in the Ancient Egypt collection. I don't think she could have got any closer to them when she was peering in to the cases.

The zoology collection was massive and houses one of the largest shell collections in the UK. 

Another thing Little L wanted to see after we had been reading about the museum was Maude the Tigon. Her father was a tiger and her mother a lion. She lived at Belle Vue Zoo in Manchester until 1949. When she died the skin was preserved and given to the museum. The skin was only mounted and displayed in the museum in 2015. Until I read about Maude I'd never heard of a Tigon and thought they was called Ligers. I also never knew that there used to be a zoo in Manchester (it closed in 1977)

These are just a few of the collections that we saw. It was a great day out and I think we are quite lucky that Little L finds this kind of thing interesting. 
The journey home was a bit of a nightmare. There was a big game on at the Old Trafford football ground. It wasn't so much that the traffic was bad, it was that grown men think they can waltz out in to the road straight on front of your car all because of a bleedin football match.

Anyway on the drive I managed to snap a photo of this Art Deco cinema in Stretford. The traffic lights changed to red just as we approached it so I quickly wound the window down and took a snap.

Horror Film Screening

On Thursday evening Anders and myself went to a screening of Jugface and Q&A with Lauren Ashley Carter. This was organised by the Grimm Up North company that host the GrimmFest horror festival. 

The showing was in Manchester Central Library. 

The tickets for the film were £6 each and we paid £11 for parking. I didn't take any photos of Lauren Ashley Carter because I didn't want to appear rude or stalker-ish. I'm sure that she is used to it though.
What Anders got a bit excited about was as we were leaving the car park a guy whizzed past us on his bike and Anders said it was John Robb. Now I only caught a quick glimpse. It may have been him but then again I do have poor eyesight, it hasn't stopped Anders telling people that he's seen him though.

This Old House

This week Anders popped up in to the loft to find something we thought Little L might like.

We packed this doll house away when Little L began to find her feet as a toddler. I was worried in case she managed to pull it over on to herself so it has been in the loft since then. 

It had been passed around a few times before finding a home with us. My brother in laws boss had it built for his daughter and when she grew out of playing with it he offered it to my sister for my niece. Luckily she wanted it because if she didn't it was destined to be burnt on a bonfire. My niece had it for a while then it was passed to my Mum who had it in her spare room for the grandchildren to play with. When she got sick of dusting it, it came to us. My boys and his friends played with it a lot when they were little. Not much of the furniture has survived since then but it was never fully furnished away.

The roof could do with a fresh coat of paint but Little L thinks it's fantastic. She cleaned it and set up what bits we do have. This is going to be a long project for me and Little L though Anders is now trying to muscle in, he's talking about putting lights in it now. 

A Bit Quiet

 I thought I'd better pop on here and explain why the blog has been a bit quiet lately. Nothing exciting has been going on it's just that we have made a start on decorating the living room and it is not going to be a quick job. It has taken us weeks to acquire enough boxes to pack stuff away. We're not going to be keeping much of the furniture only one of the bookcases and TV unit. Anders is going to be building us some new storage, a pc desk (though that one is the last thing on the list of jobs) and coffee table at work. We are then replacing the sofas, cabinet, dining room set, basically everything else in the room

These shelves have now gone (My friend had some of them for her house)

and so have these bookcases. As you can see from the photos, we're not minimalist type of people but I have been having a good sort out along the way.

We have stripped most the old wallpaper from the walls and uncovered this stenciling which goes all around the room. After speaking to my Mum and a friend who live in the same type of house, they also have stenciling so I wonder if they were all decorated this way after they were built. There are lots of holes to fill and bits of plastering to do before we can get to the actual decorating part. That's the part of it that I enjoy doing and I can't wait to get started.