Wednesday, 23 July 2014

New Summer Sandals

At the weekend one of my friends posted a link on Facebook of a 2 for 1 offer currently on Sun Jellies sandals. If the offer had not been on I doubt that I would have gone out and bought any for myself but I think they are ideal for paddling around at the seaside. I usually buy cheap flip flops for this then spend most of my time chasing after them in the sea when they have slipped off my feet.

I placed the order on Saturday and they arrived today. Little L loves them and has worn them all day. She said they were really comfy and she hasn't stopped jumping about as she is convinced they make her jump higher. I think that is because the sole is soft so maybe feels bouncy to her. I'd forgotten how comfortable they were to wear as I was a jellies wearer myself in the 80's and also had a couple of the bags to use as my school bag. My old ones were in this style though and always in black.
The offer is on until midnight Sunday 27th July. The code to put in at the checkout is SUN241.
I can't wait for our next visit to the seaside now for a splash about.
Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Conwy Pirate Weekend

Last Saturday we braved the bad weather and went to the Conwy Pirate Weekend. One of my friends told me about the event and had invited us to grab a tent and camp (they have a caravan and stay the weekend) but a babysitter for the weekend can be a bit difficult so she suggested coming with the children. Little L is Pirates of the Caribbean mad so as soon as I mentioned it (in March I think) she has not stopped asking about it. My friend told us that lots of children go and love it. Both her and her husband dress up for the event. She makes the costumes herself which are brilliant and has won best dressed pirate woman for the past two years.
When we arrived Little L was becoming really excited seeing lots of other children also dressed as pirates heading towards the quayside. There were plenty of things to keep children busy, craft activities, pirate lessons, bouncy castles,etc. as well as stalls selling food and crafts, a stage with live music, pirate circus and magic act.

Little L spotted someone dressed as her favourite pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow. She couldn't keep her eyes off him. He did stop and high five her a couple of times and was kind enough to stop for a photo. It made her day.

We watched as the ship Vilma sailed into the quay with some nasty pirates on board. Cannons were fired from the quayside to ward them off. Having never been around cannons being set off before I wasn't prepared for what it feels like when standing near by. I wasn't even that close and I felt the boom of it going off through my body. My husband has said its because of this, that and the other, trying to give me a quick science lesson. All I know is that I didn't like it.

A mermaid made an appearance which the children seemed to love but I did hear two little boys say 'ew, gross' when they took a look.

Just before we left Conwy I spied some owls which were brought along to the event by Cymru Falconry Friends. We were allowed to pet them and most didn't seem bothered in the slightest by all the attention.

This one made a grab for Little L twice which she found funny. She did think that it was a baby and said it was a little cutie.

This one was my favourite. I don't know what kind it is but I loved the colour.
Llandudno is only about 5 miles away from Conwy so we decided to nip there before going home. 

When we arrived there was a Punch and Judy show on and Little L wanted to watch. She thought it was hilarious but we only stayed until the rain got too heavy to stand in the open then took shelter in an arcade.

The rain had been on and off all day and it was definitely a lot cooler on the pier. There were warnings of patchy fog posted at intervals along the road driving in to Wales in the morning.

Views of Little Orme and Great Orme taken from the pier.

Walking off the pier we grabbed a bag of warm doughnuts. I never bother with them at any other time, its my seaside food. When we reached the end of the pier I felt something hit me on the head. It was a seagull after my doughnut. I couldn't believe it. I have seen it happen to another person a few years ago in Llandudno (the gulls are terrible there) but it was a first for me. They don't do it lightly either. My husband and children were cracked up laughing. I heard 'did you see that women get hit on the head' so it must have been pretty amusing to people nearby as well. Well at least it didn't get my doughnut.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Chester Mid Summer Watch Parade

Yesterday on a day out to Chester we were fortunate to witness something rather unexpected, the Chester's Mid Summer Watch Parade. It was unexpected to us at least and not to the many people who had turned up especially to watch the event. Our trip was to buy a dressing up costume and school socks for Little L and then while we were going to take her to the museum. Just after lunch time I popped into Tescos for something to feed my hungry lot on then went to find a spot to sit. We went walked through a part we had never been before and noticed some people walking on and off a field wearing costumes and face paint. I thought maybe there was a Summer Fair or festival taking place so I took some steps leading to one of the walls for better look. The field was full of people in groups wearing a variety of costumes, devils, green men, crows, suns, fish. Luckily I had my camera because we were meant to be going to the museum. I would have kicked myself if I didn't have it with me with all this going on.

We must have watched them getting ready ( what for I didn't know at this point )for about half an hour. Plenty of other people had gathered by this point so I wasn't they only nosey one around. When they began the exit the field Little L wanted to know what they were doing and I said we could follow them. Little L had never seen a parade before so it was really exciting for her. One of the ladies who was in the group of suns asked Little L if she wanted to join them which I thought of very nice of her but Little L was too shy. She was fascinated by the green men but when one came near to her to shake her hand, she squealed and backed into a hedge. I think she liked them but at a distance. The town centre was very busy by now but we managed to find a good spot to watch the parade.


We had a fantastic day and will go especially for the event next year. When we got home I looked into this parade ( I love the internet for this kind of thing ) and they also have one in Winter. This link gives some more history about the parade.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Using My Pins

I probably spent far more time than I should on Pinterest pinning this and that. Sometimes though I do get around to actually using the pins instead of just looking at them. These are a few things that I have been making this week.

This pleated tote which I made using off cuts from my Gran's curtains. I've only made plain rectangle style totes before and I'm pleased with how this one turned. I'm giving this one to Gran then maybe make a couple more with the remaining fabric.

Never having put a zip in anything before I thought it was about time I had a go and made this pleated purse. Anything to do with zips usually gets passed to my Mum, she's a whizz at putting new zips in jeans. It wasn't half as difficult as I imagined it would be. I even had to shorten the zip. Having now conquered my first zip, I wanted to make something else with one. 

I settled on this hungry bunny pouch which I did make two of but I can't seem to find the one Little L has claimed.
This link is for my Pinterest board where I store sewing tutorials and free patterns in case anyone wants a look. There are bits of all sorts in there.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Birthday Girl

Little L celebrated her 6th birthday at the weekend. Before hand we asked what she wanted to do and this year she asked to go to a beach with 2p machines (arcades). The closest beach to us with plenty of arcades is Rhyl which takes a little over an hour by car to reach.

First we visited the Sea Life Aquarium ( I used my Tesco coupons to exchange for vouchers so it didn't really cost to enter ).To be honest Little L didn't seem to particularly like the aquarium. She just took a quick glimpse in to a tank then swiftly moved on to the next. Maybe everything was a bit too slow moving for her. They had set up a room called phobias containing tanks holding rats, giant millipedes, spiders, etc. She appeared to be fine at first until she saw the spider after that she told us that it was scaring her and wanted to leave.

We walked around the arcades for a while where Little L managed to win a couple of cars and keyrings from the 2p machines then on to the beach for a bit of shell collecting and building.The busy day must have worn her out because she slept all the way home.
Craftwise I've managed to make couple of things this week for Little L's doll. I made two simple nighties ( every time I try to put the photo on here it  turns on its side for some reason ) and finished off this outfit.

The pattern I used is a Daisy May pattern which I purchased off Ebay.

Friday, 6 June 2014

The Sparrow Chick Rescue

Early on this evening my eldest boy found these two sparrow chicks in a grid at the side of our house. They must have fallen from their nest in the eaves. I'm surprised they lived at all falling from that height but they were certainly lively, cheeping with their beaks open ready to be fed.

I rang the RSPCA for advice on what we should do with the chicks and was told by the automated doo dah that we should contact a local vet who would then take them in so that is what we did. It all made a pretty exciting tea time for Little L.

This week we were visited twice by this little fella. We've not spotted a hedgehog in own garden for years. He made his appearance in broad daylight at around 4pm on both occasions which I thought was a bit unusual for a hedgehog. I've only ever seen them at night before. The chickens snuck up on him both times, just for a nosey but they scared him so he froze on the spot for a while then slowly crept under the hedge. It is the first time Little L has ever seen one so she now keeps her eyes open for her prickly friend.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

A Night In Betws-y-coed

To celebrate our wedding anniversary ( our 9th last Wednesday )this year we booked a night away. When we do this we are never too far from home so if an emergency ever arises we can be back home within a couple of hours. This may strike others as being a bit odd to stay overnight in a place we can visit in a day but we like to explore and generally do things that teenagers and little kids have no interest in.
On the way we stopped off at Fairy Glen. A popular place for artists and photographer to visit and the image is featured on lots of postcards and art work. This Fairy Glen print that hangs in our house we bought about 11 years ago on our travels. 

To reach the Glen you need to descend some rather steep stone steps. The sun was out so I again was wearing flip flops, not great for the steps and certainly not when my husband suggested clambering around on some moss covered rocks to take some photos. I did but I probably would have been better off doing it in bare feet. It was a beautiful place, the water was lovely and clear though icy cold (I had to dip a toe in to check).Climbing back up the steps seemed worse than coming down, they appeared to be made for a giant. My husband was fine though, he has legs like a stork.

We arrived in Betws-y-coed too early to check in to the B&B so we went for a wander around the town. Considering it was a normal Friday with no school or bank holidays, it appeared very busy. We had a quick look around the shops then off to the B & B. This is the view from the front. Two other couples who were staying were also celebrating their wedding anniversary's.

After checking in we were off out again. We walked over to St Michaels which is the oldest building in Betws-y-coed

then over Sappers suspension bridge which is right next to the church.

 Anders took a quick look at his maps to find any other places near by to visit and found this chapel. I can't remember the name of this one though.

Then we grabbed a bag of chips and sat on some flats rocks on the bank of River Llugwy. The chippy is only across the river so there were quite a few people doing the same thing.

This photo was taken from the bridge. When I was down there I managed to bruise my knee by trying to climb over a rock and kneeing it when I cocked my leg over it.

The next morning my legs were refusing to cooperate, they felt like they had seized up. On the way home we stopped off at Swallow Falls. It was around 9:30 so we were the only people there. I saw the steps and just groaned. There is a barrier to prevent anyone from going in to the water but you can still get close enough to feel the spray from it.

After our night away I think the only thing not hurting on my legs were my shins. Anders watched me bend over to pick something up the other day, said I looked stiff and offered to get his oil out of the shed. They are almost back to normal now but I can't remember the last time I ached so much, must be my age.

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