This weekend I rummaged out some odd pillowcases which I had and treated them to a crocheted edge. I made the pattern up as I went along and I have put it below incase anyone wants to use it.

Foundation Row - Edge the pillowcase using blanket 1cm down from the edge and the stitches 1cm apart
Join wool into any blanket stitch using a sl st. I always joined at one of the seams.
Row 1 - 3dc into each blanket stitch, join row end with sl st
Row 2 - 4ch, skip 2dc, htr in next dc, * 2ch, skip 2dc, htr in next dc. Continue from * to end , sl st in ch2 of beg 4ch
Row 3 - As row 2
Row 4 - 3ch, sl st into the sl st made to join the end of the last row, * 2dc in 2ch space, sl st in htr,   3ch, sl st into previous sl. Continue from * to end.

I hope this makes sense to anyone trying to follow it and if you find any mistakes please feel free to let me know . I've discovered that it is so much more easier to read a pattern or go into autopilot and do your own thing than try and write down instructions. Hats off to all the pattern designers out there.